Terms Of Services

Term of services:

1  Any contract of sale, service agreement or quotation made or accepted by or on behalf of Ecolinen Sdn Bhd in respect of goods will be subject to these terms and conditions

2  A copy of these terms and conditions shall be provided to the Customer at the same time as the quotation is given. The Customer will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions upon it placing an order pursuant to a quotation

3  Quotations are valid of a period of one (1) month unless otherwise stated at the time of quotation. Ecolinen Sdn Bhd reserve the right to vary prices of our products according to changing conditions over which we have no control, when necessary

4  Ecolinen Sdn Bhd will take reasonable steps to ensure that delivery schedules are adhered to, and it will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of delay or inability to deliver which arises out of unforeseen circumstances or shortages due to its voluntary or mandatory compliance with any government act, regulation or request, or any other thing beyond Ecolinen Sdn Bhd reasonable control

5  For goods quoted “ex-stock”, acceptance of your order is subject to the goods not being sold at time of order

6  The Customer will inspect the shipment for accuracy and completeness immediately upon delivery and has three (3) working days from the date of delivery in which to notify Ecolinen Sdn Bhd in writing if equipment/ goods do not conform to the order. If the Customer does not notify Ecolinen Sdn Bhd the customer will be deemed to have accepted delivery of goods and will be bound to pay the associated invoice in accordance with Paragraph 7

7 For order issued by government’s ‘Purchase Order’ or PO, the Customer will pay Ecolinen invoices within 30 days of their date. There is no cash discount. Overdue interest at 2% per month will be charged on overdue amount.                                                                 

Discrepancy and dispute should be clarified within 10 days after receipt of the invoice.

For non-government and dealer, ‘Cash on Advance’ or COA strictly applied. Order will be processed once full settlement is cleared.

8 If goods are delivered which the Customer believes does not comply with an order, the Customer will remain bound by the original order. To the extent that Ecolinen Sdn Bhd in its reasonable opinion agrees that any or all of the delivered goods does not comply with the order, it will replace such non- compliant as soon as practicable

9 Package prices listed on quotations are only applicable on the purchase of all itemized part numbers listed on the quotation

10 This terms and conditions will be updated from time to time based on Ecolinen reasonable opinion

11 For government or agency: Any item marked as ‘Import item’, please prepare SST Exemption Certificate together with LPO

12  All order with successful checkout and payment consider Non-Refundable. Please refer to clause number 8 above.


Terms : No long-term contracts required, payment term: Advance/Nett.

Lead Time : 1-4 weeks upon payment confirmation

PAYMENT : Please make your cheque payable to : ECOLINEN SDN. BHD (Maybank A/C No. 5561 6924 5541)

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